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Result-focused operational  improvement ​philosophy and service offerings

We use the Results Universe model with clients to frame and identify which elements can have the biggest impact on their Results.

We work with clients to create and deliver change programs by conceptualizing and intervening in these interrelated elements. Interventions in each of the following Results Universe elements support improved performance in different ways:


The fundamental measures which represent an organization’s success. They include social and environmental in addition to financial and operational performance.


The sequenced activities by which an
organization adds value by
turning inputs into outputs.​

Focusing here engages users to improve standard work and optimizes flow and information triggers to reduce waste.


The mechanisms for planning, measuring,
controlling & improving
process performance.

Focusing here illuminates in-process performance to quickly visualize impediments to delivery, meaningfully connecting people to their work.


The mindsets and behaviors which
drive performance and shape the

Focusing here improves problem-solving, decision-making and action-completion, leading to predictable higher performance.


The ability to guide people through the emotional journey of change. ​


Focusing here guides the organization through the logical and emotional journey of change.

Service Offerings

Our change programs utilize Lean Six Sigma and Agile practices across all elements in the Results Universe deploying specific methodologies appropriate to the client’s situation and needs:

  • Business analytics​
  • Process re-engineering​
  • Enterprise Coaching and Transformation
  • Organization design​
  • Systems Thinking
  • Employee Engagement​
  • Visual Management​​
  • KanBan and KanBan System Design​​
  • Experiential Learning​​
  • Design Thinking
  • Prosci, Drexler/Sibbet Change Management
  • SCRUM​
  • Value Stream Mapping​​
  • Agile at scale​

While we deliver integrated change programs using these methodologies, we understand the contexts of our clients vary and, as such, can deliver combinations of these and other methods as individual service offerings to meet specific opportunities. ​

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