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Implementing SAP-enabled purchase-to-pay processes at an international oil & gas company

The client’s prior adoption of SAP had not been a success. Inaccurate management accounts were allowing for unauthorized cost over-runs and late payments, and late payments were causing delays in the supply of critical goods and services.​

Waypoint’s consultant led a 3-person team to redesign the operational and financial processes to align with SAP’s functionality and the client’s Group standard.

In parked invoices

Pilot validated the
improvement prior to go-live

The existing receipting, three-way-match and call-off processes were redesigned and pilot-tested to be consistent with SAP’s implied processes. E-learning modules were created to support on-going staff training."

Contracts and Procurement Manager

Lean Six Sigma efficiency at an international oil & gas company

The client wanted to rapidly increase production via non-traditional oil recovery techniques. To assure viability of the new technology and secure approval for further capital spend, they needed resolve production-limiting problems with the existing plant.

Waypoint’s consultant enrolled a joint engineering and production team in Lean Six Sigma problem-solving process to systematically identify and resolve the process-critical steam generation efficiency issues.

Increased revenue from steam
generator efficiencies

Reduction in maintenance cost
from pigging optimization

 “Beyond the business sense, he also had strength at analytical and statistical work. He seemed to immediately get it and in no time was interpreting what the correlations meant and was transferring that knowledge to our people."

New Technology Projects Specialist – Surmont Operations

Implementing logistics marine fleet optimization at an international oil & gas company

The client needed to adapt and implement a global cargo operations process to eliminate waste and inefficiencies, starting from the planning of cargo movements all the way through to offshore delivery and follow-up with suppliers.

The client, supported by Waypoint’s consultants, implemented a fit-for-purpose end to end process through full engagement of the frontline users and stakeholders using table-top simulations to test and refine the pilot process.

Reduction in fleet-size annualized savings

Reduction in cargo non-conformances

I’m so encouraged with the progress that the logistics team have made over the last few months. The logistics process for cargo has saved us a huge amount of money."

Wells Operations Manager

People engagement process at an international oil & gas company

The client had experienced multiple years of production and infrastructure growth, yet the Employee Satisfaction Index was decreasing. The client feared that employee dissatisfaction was adversely impacting operational risk and overall productivity. Bridging the gap between HR and line management, Waypoint designed and implemented a people process that enabled early identification and resolution of employee concerns.

Increase in employee satisfaction

For development of a leading people process and its contribution to safety performance

“An engaged employee is a safe employee. The people process allows us to find and resolve the issues at the appropriate levels which quickly removes distractions."

Vice President – Operations

Delinquency reduction at the Caribbean’s largest indigenous bank

With Caribbean economies in recession, loan, mortgage and credit card delinquency was on the rise. The client wanted to proactively identify potential improvements from its technology-enabled delinquency management process, people and other key resources.

Waypoint’s consultant led a team of external and internal consultants to coordinate a 8-week diagnostic which provided a prioritized shortlist of improvement opportunities.

Opportunities identified to reduce delinquent portfolio >TT100M

Implemented opportunities identified

“Led over 52 client staff in process and business management system critiques. Applied Lean Six Sigma tools to conduct waste and variations analyses on process and collection officer performance."

Process improvement at regional cement producer

The client struggled to satisfy the needs of regional markets during a protracted construction boom. As a result govemments were threatening to remove barrier to foreign cement importation.

Low raw material volume and quality were major contributors to production shortfalls. Waypoints consultant led a 4-person internal team to reduce process variability thereby increasing and cement production.

In slurry production

In clinker production

“In 2004, the year of the Manufacturing Excellence Program, Trinidad operations broke its annual production records for Cement, Limestone and Slurry production."

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