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Business Performance Management

Business performance management at an international oil & gas company

The client was increasing production through the installation of multiple offshore platforms. The growing number of operating sites required complex planning of activities with a focus on safety critical equipment, especially on ageing platforms.​

Waypoint’s consultant helped the client implement a business performance management system that improved work planning and asset maintenance.​

Improvement in integrated field activity plan attainment​

Reduction in offshore asset maintenance backlog​

They worked with all levels of the operations from Asset Manager to technician to establish performance standards and the coaching to improve them"

Asset Manager – Operations​

Process improvement at a national housing company

The client needed to improve unit delivery to meet an ambitious national housing objective. At the same time there was a reduction in government subventions to fund the ambition. ​

Waypoint’s consultant worked with the organization to better partner with its builders in planning and monitoring unit delivery performance. By shortening the performance management cycle and improving the quantum and quality of data, we enabled timely decision making and improved unit completion rates. We also improved the final construction certification process which allowed the client to expedite the backlog of closings and realize revenue to fund new builds.

Revenue from reducing backlog of home sale closing

Improvement in housing completion over 7-months​

Staring with a few pilot sites, we were able to test, refine and embed new project management practices that delivered a higher success rate."

Chairman – Housing Company​

Implementing aviation demand forecasting at an international oil & gas company

The client needed to effectively manage under-utilized, high-value helicopter assets to meet variable operational demand in a low-cost Oil & Gas market.

​Waypoint designed and implemented an aviation demand planning tool which improved helicopter forecasted capacity assurance. This enabled the client to release contracted air-frame cost and capacity without affecting service delivery

Annual savings from a reduction in helicopter fleet due to efficiencies

Improvement in helicopter seat utilization

I’m so encouraged with the progress that the logistics team have made over the last few months. The two year plan has far surpassed my expectations, and aviation continues to be dependable and organized."

Wells Operations Manager

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