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Leadership and Management

Improving leadership in major projects at an international oil & gas company

The client was faced with management of an aggressive infrastructure development plan to monetize the country’s largest gas fields.

Working with the major projects senior team, Waypoint’s consultant installed a business management system to proactively monitor the unit’s annual capital spend of US$686M.

To support this implementation, Waypoint collected 360o leadership and team effectiveness data which was used to conduct weekly coaching sessions with the unit’s top five leaders in service of the safety, schedule, and budget targets.

Improvement in project safety performance

Improvement in project schedule delivery

By the end of 2007 we were demonstrating a marked improvement in performance. With your facilitation and coaching support, we identified and committed to specific behaviors that are helping us deliver our top-level safety, people and operations results.

Vice President Developments

Improving team effectiveness in an operations support unit at an international oil & gas company

New work processes within an operations support unit led to significant changes in team size and structure. This created the need for rapid team development and collaboration to ensure delivery of the expected results.

Waypoint worked with the team leads to design and deliver group and one-on-one sessions, utilizing leading practice tools like Myers-Briggs Personality Team Indicator and experiential group exercises to build a strong delivery team.

Measured 3600 feedback

Improvement in employee satisfaction

 “This is excellent work. Our significant progress in the last few months has been very noticeable. I commend you for the strong teamwork that you have supported us to build. Keep up the great progress."

Global Operations Support Director

Leadership development at a US$3B natural gas transmission company

With many of the company’s long-standing executives approaching retirement, the client faced an impending succession issue.​ Waypoint’s consultants deployed a learning-by-doing development approach which challenged participants to apply leadership training to specific operational targets in the workplace.​ In addition, we installed a data-driven business management system which formed the basis for executives to lead their teams in a performance focused environment.

Improvement in leadership effectiveness

Improvement in valve maintenance plan attainment

In real terms, what I saw of my leadership team was greater transparency of their area’s performance, greater ownership for achieving their targets, an increased understanding of what needed to be done, and greater confidence and capability in doing it."


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