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Change Leadership

Agile well planning at an international oil & gas company

Rigorous well planning defines a safe, economical and geologically feasible trajectory to hydrocarbons sitting thousands of meters below the sea floor. The process requires involvement from multiple disciplines and functions, taking up to four months with traditional planning methods. With a four-well program nearing execution, the team needed to compress its well planning time to meet tight deadlines.

Using Scrum, Waypoint’s consultants guided the team through new Agile ways of working, responding to changes in real-time, reducing cycle time and the need for excessive documentation. We coached the client through their first Scrum in the region, facilitating Scrum events to deliver the mandate while continuously improving team effectiveness. ​

Savings per well​

Reduction in cycle time

“The team was left feeling motivated, empowered and willing to do more…" 

New Wells Delivery Team Lead & Product Owner

Agile implementation at US vacuum systems manufacturer

Vacuum systems enable many of the world’s cutting-edge processes in the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, automotive, and food processing sectors. As a US subsidiary of one of the world’s largest vacuum manufacturing companies, our client had struggled to sustain double-digit revenue and margin growth its systems business.​

Waypoint combined core Agile methodologies with its wider expertise in transformational change to design and initiate a cross-functional change implementation program. Our consultants trained the internal client team in Scrum fundamentals and developed their Agile capabilities while delivering the program. Within two months the program delivered several long-outstanding outcomes including an opportunity management tool that better aligned sales and engineering in the critical the early stages of a customer prospect. The client’s internal team assumed full ownership for the program and has successfully re-applied the tools and techniques to new and emerging business priorities.

Reduction from 3 days to 20 minutes to produce standard multiple-piece pumps​

Implemented across Systems Department

“Waypoint drove immediate changes on ideas that have been kicked around for years… In the twenty three years I have worked here I have never experienced a better program." 

Development Team Member

Implementing a loyalty card at Caribbean’s largest conglomerate

Following Waypoint’s analysis of the client’s strategy implementation capability, the CEO requested our support for delivery of a critical strategic initiative: the launch of a group-wide loyalty card. ​

Waypoint worked with dispatate stakeholders from across the group convert their valuable but uncoordinated ground-work into the collaborative effort required for a successful, on-time launch.

New cardholders enrolled in first two months

Of cardholders activated in first two months

“We are thankful for the learnings and tangible improvements we derived from our experience with waypoint. We are pleased to recommend you to other organizations in search of solid change implementation expertise."

President & Group CEO

Professional Certifications